Flint man faces up to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking 5 women

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FLINT (WJRT) (8/21/2019) - A Flint man faces up to 30 years in prison after pleading no contest to sex trafficking five women from a home on Mandeville Street with his brother.

Darryl and Chavez Miller appear in court on human trafficking charges after police say they sold five women for sex at their home on Mandeville Street to pay off drug debts.

Daryl Miller, 31, entered a no contest plea in Genesee County Circuit Court. It is not an admission of guilt, but is treated as one at sentencing.

"He was the ring leader of this human trafficking ring that basically tortured women, coerced them into providing sex," Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said.

Miller is accused of orchestrating a sex trafficking and prostitution operation from his home in 2015. He and his brother, 30-year-old Chavez Miller, violently abused five women and forced them into prostitution so they can pay off drug debts, according to Leyton.

The Miller brothers allegedly assaulted the women, forced them to use drugs and sold them for sex.

The Flint Police Department discovered the operation while serving a search warrant for drugs on the Mandeville Street house. The FBI and Michigan State Police got involved to investigate the human trafficking claims.

“Human trafficking is a cruel reality we face not only in Flint and Genesee County but in many other communities in Michigan, throughout the United States and around the world,” said Leyton. “In recent years, human trafficking has really become a front burner issue and we are doing all we can to rid it from our communities.”

Daryl Miller faces 13 to 30 years in prison under a plea deal when he is sentenced on Sept. 9. Court records show Chavez Miller's case, which involves similar charges to his brother, is headed to trial next month.

"Pleas are final, pleas give closure to cases, pleas cannot be appealed," Leyton said. "The case is over, the door is slammed shut on this fellow for at least 13 years."

While the investigation is ongoing, Leyton said it is not believed there are any more victims.

“There is still much work to be done and we will remain vigilant in our efforts, standing up for victims and fighting human trafficking in all its forms,” Leyton said.