Flint man with excessive lead in water sues for return of bottled water

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FLINT (WJRT) (4/17/2018) - A Flint resident whose tap water still have massive quantities of lead and copper is suing Gov. Rick Snyder's administration to force the immediate return of state-funded bottled water.

A letter from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality outlining water testing results for Allen Bryant Jr.'s residence on Oren Avenue in Flint. Samples were taken from Jan. 1 to April 2 this year.

Allen Bryant Jr. filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in U.S. District Court seeking a temporary restraining order that would require the state of Michigan to being providing bottled water to residents.

The most recent round of water testing conducted at Bryant's residence on Oren Avenue showed a lead level of 1,338 parts per billion and a copper level of 1,770 parts per billion -- both nearly 100 times the federal guideline of 15 parts per billion.

Those samples were collected from Jan. 1 to April 2.

"Meanwhile, the citizens of Flint know that some residences still have dangerously high levels of lead in their tap water. What they do not know is which residences," the lawsuit says. "Never the less, the State of Michigan is comfortable pulling bottled water away from the already financially-strapped people of Flint, to leave them to gamble whether their tap water is safe or toxic."

The state had been supplying bottled water to all Flint residents since January 2016 through points of distribution -- or PODs. Snyder announced on April 6 that the supply would end when current supplies ran out based on two years of testing showing Flint's water is safe to drink.

The supply ran out on April 10 and the four remaining PODs sites closed.

Mayor Karen Weaver vehemently objected to Snyder's action. After a contentious meeting with him in Lansing on Monday, she threatened to file a lawsuit herself.

Bryant's lawsuit is not tied to Weaver's planned legal action. However, the Napoli Shkolnik law firm in New York City is representing Bryant in this lawsuit and dozens of Flint residents in an unrelated class action lawsuit against the state and federal governments.

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