Flint mayor announces big bottled water giveaway for World Water Day

FLINT (WJRT) (3/11/2019) - Flint residents will receive 12 truckloads of bottled water on March 22 in observance of World Water Day.

The day is an annual international event on every March 22 that aims to heighten awareness of the lack of clean water and sanitation and call to action to make a difference.

The city of Flint is partnering with Youth for Global Health and Social Justice for a bottled-water giveaway across the city, along with a few other organizations.

"We wanted to do something. We said we were going to do something for World Water Day, but I didn't know it would be this big and have this amount of water coming city," Mayor Karen Weaver said.

Twelve semi trucks filled with bottled water will be delivered to Flint.

"We are all familiar with the water crisis here, but what we in Youth Global Health wants to do is to continue the message that clean water is still a human right, clean water is something that is not readily available but we want to take Flint on a global level," said Dr. Sheryl Simmons of Youth Global Health.

Weaver and Mayor Soham El Wardini of Dakar, Senegal, will meet in the future to discuss the issues the cities face. Both cities have scheduled World Water Day activities.

"As these two powerful women deal with their individual water crisis in their own cities, they will have an opportunity to talk about their best practices and they will have an opportunity about moving forward," Simmons said.

On World Water Day in Flint, people can pick on bottled water from five locations in the city. Weaver said he wants to make sure it was at a time when more people are able to show up.

The giveaway will take place from 3 to 7 p.m. at Flint City Hall, New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist, Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church, Asbury United Methodist Church and Calvary United Methodist Church.

Only residents from the city of Flint are eligible to receive water and IDs may be checked at the locations.

Anyone interested in volunteering during the giveaways should call 810-766-7346.

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