Flint mayor firmly against PODS closure

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FLINT (WJRT) - (12/07/17) - Water testing that has gone on for 18 months by the state did not include Flint schools, according to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. That's the primary reason why Mayor Karen Weaver says it would be premature to shut down the four remaining water resource sites.

"We've already had this situation where we've had a community that's been poisoned and we know that our children are the most vulnerable and we have a responsibility to continue to protect them, and if the water is not right in the schools then the water isn't right," said Mayor Karen Weaver.

City and state officials attended a private meeting with the superintendent Wednesday. According to MDEQ, Rich Baird, an advisor to the governor, discussed receiving access to schools to do another round of flushing and testing.

Prior to the current 18-month testing period, MDEQ says they performed a round of testing and flushing at 90 facilities. Some of those facilities include schools, elder care, daycare, parochial and charter. They changed out fixtures and installed water filters. They have completed a second round of testing and flushing at 35 of these facilities but not at any Flint schools.

Mayor Weaver says she talked to Rich Baird Thursday over the phone.

"He was open to having that discussion and he understood and heard what my concerns are, " Mayor Weaver said.

MDEQ's acting public information officer said told ABC12, "Further, if the results of the third consecutive 6-month federal Lead and Copper Rule monitoring period continue to trend well below the federal action level through December, the state would likely revisit the availability of state supplied bottled water at that time."

"While i understand that the state does still need to continue to do their job and do their testing, we're looking to our local experts to tell us everything is fine because that's one of the things I wanted everyone to know is we're taking our direction from them," Mayor Weaver said.

MDEQ tells ABC12 they are in total agreement with listening to and collaborating with local health experts.

No time frame has been set yet for the second round of testing at Flint schools.

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