Flint mayor issues shelter in place advisory in effort to slow virus' spread

FLINT (WJRT) (03/22/2020) Stay home! That's what the mayor of Flint is asking residents to do as part of the city's efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Flint mayor issues shelter in place advisory in effort to slow virus' spread

“Taking action, being proactive versus reactive is going to be key here in order to safeguard lives inside the City of Flint.”

Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley is urging locals to shelter in place.

“It’s a moving target here,” begins Neeley. “We have to be very vigilant in how we conduct ourselves… Shelter in place and asking people to be self-governing with shelter in place is the only action I see that we can take now to try to slow the spread of this virus.”

While Sunday’s shelter advisory does not amount to a mandatory city-wide shut down, Neeley now strongly encourages Flint residents to consider staying put.

“For those individuals that may think this is not a very serious situation, it is very serious,” Neeley points out. “72 hours ago, we didn’t have any confirmed cases inside of Genesee County. Now we sit at 14 confirmed cases… It’s moving at a rapid rate.”

The announcement echoes COVID-19 social distancing standards released by state and federal officials when it’s not possible to stay indoors. Advising a six foot distance from anyone not living in the same household. A reminder as well for the handful of businesses that have kept their doors open to do the same, along with continuing delivery or takeout service.

“This is a fight we cannot win alone,” argues Neeley. “Everybody has to be engaged in this process and make sure we slow the spread of this virus… One deficit we can never overcome is a death deficit. I don’t want to lose a single resident inside the City of Flint, Genesee County or the State of Michigan to this virus.”

A proactive stance people in Flint can put into practice, aimed at flattening the coronavirus curve.

“We just need everybody to be on board,” says Neeley. “It’s a tremendous undertaking but my team, the team that we constructed is up to the challenge, we just need everybody working together in a positive way.”