Flint mayoral candidate takes issue with Weaver's contribution from state official

Scott Kincaid
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FLINT (WJRT) (10/31/2017) - Scott Kincaid took to the airwaves Tuesday to call out Flint Mayor Karen Weaver's campaign for receiving contributions from a state official in the Snyder administration.

Kincaid, a longtime city councilman who is running against Weaver in next Tuesday's recall election, believes the mayor should return a $1,000 contribution from Rich Baird, who is Gov. Rick Snyder's transformation manager.

Baird made the contribution back in August.

"This election is about things that Gov. Snyder's people did here in Flint when the emergency manager made the switch to the river and now he's giving -- his people are giving -- Karen Weaver $1,000 toward her campaign," Kincaid said on local radio station WFLT 1420AM. "I just think it's absolutely inappropriate."

Kincaid is also calling for an end to radio commercials run by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality about Flint water distribution that feature Weaver's voice.

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