Flint mobile home park could soon be demolished

Published: Mar. 14, 2017 at 6:36 PM EDT
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(3/14/17) - Kirkwood mobile home park on Flint's east side could soon be demolished.

Residents who live near the condemned park say the park is a breeding ground for drug dealing, squatting and other dangerous and illegal activities.

"It's embarassing; nobody wants to live in this kind of situation. People come into the neighborhood and that's the first thing they see," said nearby resident Heather Smith.

Smith has seen it all from mild to wild.

"They found a dead body in there; this is not okay. There's children playing in the neighborhood right there. There's wild animals that could even get hurt on the broken glass," she said.

Kirkwood was condemned about two years ago. Neighbors say it has served as a one stop shop for drug dealers, squatters, illegal dumping and the list goes on and on, but that could soon change.

"What we want to do is get that trailer park cleaned out and then adopt that lot as a park and probably the Potter Longway Neighborhood Association would help do an adopt a park," said Kate Fields, 4th Ward Councilwoman.

Fields said the one big hangup is the funding to demolish the park.

Genesee County Land Bank currently owns the property. While there are state grants available for demolition purposes, the way they are written would not apply to Kirkwood, so Fields is now looking at block grants.

"This year I'm really going to make a push to try and get those funds or at least sufficient funds dedicated to taking down Kirkwood," she said.

And fields has a whole slew of people right behind her.

"I just hope that we can get together and come up with a solution because this is a problem and it needs a solution now," Smith said.

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