"Flint" movie screened in Washington

WASHINGTON  (Gray DC) -- A new movie, about the Flint water emergency, is getting the attention of some high-profile people.
Michigan congressman Dan Kildee (D-5) is hoping Tuesday’s “Flint” screening sparks more action on Capitol Hill.

Kildee said, “I have been pressing my colleagues to step up from my hometown. We’ve had some help, we need to do more.”

Melissa Mays, a Flint resident and activist, is one of the people portrayed in the Lifetime Network movie.

Tuesday, Mays said, “…we still need help and a lot of help.”
Her message in Washington is that the crisis in Flint is far from over.
 She said, “Today [Tuesday] is day 1278 since we’ve had clean and safe water.”
Mays is part of a group of Flint women highlighted in the movie, because they helped sound the alarm.

Congressman Kildee, and the people who made the movie say they are using this screening to encourage government, on all levels, to do more for the people who were exposed to Flint's contaminated water.

Kildee said, “It helps deliver a really powerful message about the crisis, and the causes of this crisis.”

Mays saw that message delivered Monday during a New York screening, and Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

She said, “People outside of Flint were just shocked at how bad it was, and how bad it still is. So that was something we needed for them to know.”
The full Flint movie will air Saturday night, on the Lifetime Network.

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