Flint murals add color and inspire across the city

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FLINT (WJRT) - (8/9/19) - For too long, Flint has been known for crime and a water crisis.

That image is changing thanks in part to some world-renowned artists.

Artists from all over the world are paying tribute to the Vehicle City and also injecting their own culture into these murals.

Forty three works of art now adorn once bland sides of buildings around Flint.

These street murals are the pride and joy of a collection of local and internationally recognized painters, from places like South America, Europe and South Africa who are flocking to Flint to help the city shed it's negative image.

Joe Schipani from the Flint Public Art Project said, "Another thing that has really blown me away a little bit is how much the community has responded by bringing artists food, water, different kinds of supplies, opening up restaurants or taking them out to eat."

(The Flint Public Art Project started back in May.

The project assists and coordinates with artists who want to create inspiring conversation pieces.

"I think the murals are doing a lot to change the perception. We're getting a lot of conversation on social media, in the news, all over the world about the art that's here," Schipani added.

The murals are becoming so popular that websites are mapping out both locations and tours of all the paintings.

Local residents appreciate the positive vibes and impact they are having on helping change Flint into a progressive art community.

Diamond Counelis from Flint commented, "I think it's amazing. It's one of my favorite parts of Flint. The hardest thing about Flint is everybody sees so many negative things about it and the one thing I love about it is Flint has a soul, and it feels like it's coming up on our walls."

Bridgette McCrory from Flint Township added, "People stop just driving by, like we never noticed the building before. So, it's really helped with the business and it's really helped bring people closer together, because art is something that everybody likes and we can all enjoy it."

Twenty or more murals could go up this fall during the Free City Mural Festival the week of October 7th through the 12th.

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