Flint natives prepare for Hurricane Irma to hit Florida

NAPLES, Flo. (WJRT) Thousands are preparing for hurricane Irma to make land fall as she continues barreling towards Florida.

Many Michiganders have never had to experience a hurricane, but for one local couple, this nightmare is becoming a reality.

"It's the indecisiveness of what to do," says Flint native Tiffany Flynn. "You don't want to leave one place and find out that you evacuated to some place more dangerous."

Flynn and her husband Steve are caught right in Irma's path as the hurricane is preparing to make landfall in Florida.

"We moved all of our belongings to as high as you can off of the ground to try and save what we can if the water comes above our tolerance level," she says. "We have lots of our neighbors have done plywood, but plywood is very difficult to come by here."

While they do have reservations in Orlando if they need to evacuate, Tiffany says that's a call shes not ready to make yet.

"This storm is so big that it kind of blankets Florida, us being on the very southwest side of it, its a little worrisome, but were kind of playing it by ear and taking it one day at a time," she says. "The neighbors may all get together and kind of pick one place and hunker down if that's what it comes to if we think its save to do so. But we certainly wont be heroes and stay."

The Flynns say while they pray their home doesn't see devastation like so many did while in the path of Harvey, their biggest concern is staying alive.

"Maybe by this evening we will get a much better view of what she really has in mind and where shes really going to go and hopefully Irma leaves Southwest Irma and all of the people who call this home and paradise alone," says Flynn.

The couple says they have received many thoughts and prayers from people in Michigan as they prepare for the hard days ahead.