POW: Flint pizza delivery man goes above and beyond the call of duty

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Flint (WJRT) "He's being very humble about it saying that he's just doing his job," said Ashley Schafer, a Domino's Pizza customer.

A Flint pizza delivery man going above and beyond the call of duty.
When his car broke down, he walked a half mile in the middle of the night to make the delivery.

Benjamin Houston works at the Domino's on East Court Street in Flint.
Nothing was going to stop him from getting three pizzas and a bottle of pop to a hungry customer.

Late Saturday night, Houston's car broke down in the area of East Court and Franklin in Flint. Ashley Schafer is a regular customer and when an hour passed and she didn't have her pizzas, she became concerned.
But soon there was a knock on the door and Houston delivered the pizzas.

"I didn't hear a car or notice a car. I saw him trucking down the street on foot. He had walked my pizzas to me. I just couldn't believe it," Schafer said.

A fellow delivery man knew Houston had had car problems, but couldn't find him.

"I was worried for him. It's not good to be walking to a house on a delivery. It's just hot safe," said Michael Peterson, a Domino's co-worker.

Houston is deaf. I asked him if it was dangerous for him to walk a half mile to make the delivery.

"Dangerous, not dangerous. It wasn't about me. It was about her getting her pizza," Houston said.

"Something like this just brightened my week knowing there are people out there willing to do something they don't have to," said Schafer.

Schafer says she gave Houston a tip that night but that was before she realized what he had done to make the delivery. She would like to see him get a reward for him hard work.

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