Flint playwright donates water on heels of mayor's Nestle announcement

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FLINT (WJRT) - (05/11/18) - People are reacting to Mayor Weaver's announcement about Nestle's commitment to helping Flint.

But they're not the only ones making a commitment to pitch in.

"This is my home. I now live in Houston, Texas, however, I had to come back and give water," said playwright Cynthia Tucker.

Tucker and the cast of "Defiant" delivered water to Ebenezer Ministries in Burton ahead of their show Saturday at The Whiting.

It's been efforts like this that have kept many people in Flint going since the state stopped paying for bottled water in early April. Her daughters have listened and watched from Texas as the man made public health crisis has unfolded.

"A lot of people they make jokes about it now because it's not so in the media - and they make light of it - but it's actually still affecting people to this day," Mya Tucker said.

No one knows that better than Victor Johnson and Nick Walker. They both work in ministry at Ebenezer.

"You can go all over and see that people are still in need of water," Walker said.

They were happy to hear Mayor Karen Weaver's announcement Thursday. Nestle Waters will provide three semi-truck loads of water a week to designated help centers at three Flint churches.

"It's a way for the company to be a responsible corporate citizen in terms of creating a kind of relationship that should exist between major entities and the people," Johnson said.

Johnson believes there was a breach of trust between the people and government. He says it's clear what the people want and need to move forward.

"The total replacement of the pipes. That's what the people in the community are looking for," Johnson said.

"People think we're asking for a handout, which we're not. All we're asking for is clean water and by putting the pipes in that will settle the issue," Walker said.

Tucker, who now lives in Houston, said she's returning Sunday with more water for the community.

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