Flint police K-9 officers pose for fundraising calendar

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FLINT (WJRT) (12/21/2018) - The four furriest members of the Flint Police are officially models - Edo, Drago, Cayenne and Echo.

"They listened well and I even got some cute looks out of them by looking at their handlers, so yeah they were very well-behaved," said Stephanie VanWagoner of RaeLo Photography.

She explained for just seven hours one day in November, she, the four K-9s and their handlers snapped 820 photos around Flint to create a 2019 calendar.

"I felt pretty honored to be asked to do something like this," I mean because the City of Flint Police Officers and the K-9s they do so much and they work hard and it was an incredible feeling

VanWagoner, who has strong ties to the public safety community, offered her time, equipment and talent for free. She said she wanted to make sure the department receives all of the money they raise from each sale.

"It's our community and we can only make it great together. And, providing assistance on this particular project help us to be better tomorrow than we are today," said Det. Sgt. Tyrone Booth.

The K-9 Unit has no official budget, relying solely on donations. So. Booth said calendar purchases will make a big difference.

"The dogs need equipment, the handlers need equipment in order to train the dogs and especially at peak efficiency, as well as basic needs like feeding the dogs. So, this calendar will help with all of those needs," he explained.

The money raised will allow the unit the opportunity to continue to serve and protect the greater Flint community.

"They've aided us in the process of finding missing kids, as well as apprehending individuals who don't all the time want to talk to us and run in a different direction," Booth said. "These dogs are able to track them out, as well as detection work in terms of scent work, explosives and narcotics. So they're vitally important to the Flint Police Department."

JD Labs in Flint is printing the calendars. See Related Links on the right side of this story for information on purchasing a calendar. They cost $15 apiece.

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