Flint police credit proactive programs for reducing violent crime

Published: Feb. 6, 2019 at 6:40 PM EST
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(2/6/2019) - "How we police the City is decided through the Intelligence Bureau," Detective Sergeant Tyrone Booth explained.

The unit was created inside the Flint Police Department a year and a half ago, with Booth at the head.

"We're dealing with a new software system called Street Smart. That allows us to see, in real time, crime that's taken place throughout the community. And, we analyze that and we put enforcement where we need it the most to deal with whatever the issues are," he said.

It's proactive policing. Booth says having officers near the trouble spots in the community is effectively deterring crime.

But, because they still are greatly understaffed, the Bureau also offers them a larger look at the City through dozens of cameras placed around town.

"We can respond before you even see a police car. We're there already. And, we can talk to those cars and tell them what's taken place," he said.

That's part of the CATT EYE program, partnering with businesses to help keep their customers and employees safe.

"I suppose there would be an argument saying 'Big Brother' is watching. But, 'Big Brother' is the agency or individuals that are providing the security that afford a better lifestyle," Booth said. "And, we're certainly not targeting individuals who are not doing wrong. We're going after individuals who are breaking laws, committing crimes and making the City an uncomfortable place to live."

And as a result, Booth said major crimes have gone down by a double digit percentage over the past year.

The latest numbers show the work of just one unit from January 2019. The CATT Squad is responsible for more than 130 arrests for outstanding warrants, the Department's latest target.

"We're taking that very serious. Because in many cases, those are the individuals that are continuing to do crime. So we want them," Booth added.

To help keep you and your family safe.