Flint police looking for more Angel's Night volunteers to help prevent arson tonight

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FLINT (WJRT) (10/30/2017) - The Flint Police Department is looking for more volunteers to patrol the city on Angel's Night this evening to help prevent arsons.

Dozens of volunteers in Flint and Saginaw will be out on patrol keeping a close eye out for suspicious fires being set.

The number of suspicious fires reported in Flint has been going down in recent years. Only four arson were reported in 2016 after only two were reported in 2015.

Both Flint firefighters and police officials say that's mainly because of their Citizens Radio Patrol units.

Those volunteers will be out patrolling Flint neighborhoods right after dusk. Volunteers will be in their own vehicles marked with placards and a beacon on the top armed with two-way radios.

The Flint Police Department needs volunteers for Monday evening and Halloween night on Tuesday.

"Last year there was around 50 to 60 volunteers. The year before that, it was our highest at 100," said Flint Police Department Lt. Mark Boudreau. "That extra 100 people out on the road -- people, they're noticeable, they're visible -- it definitely deters people from wanting to do what they consider pranks, but its actually a lot of destruction."

Volunteer patrols will begin shortly after dusk Monday evening and continue through until the early morning hours of Tuesday. Patrols will begin around dusk on Halloween and continue into the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Flint police are still looking for more volunteers. Anyone interested should show up at the Flint Police Department headquarters at 4 p.m.

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