Flint police officers may get pay raise if City Council approves new contract Monday

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FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) - (11/10/2017) - Flint Police officers could be in line for a pay raise. Next week, the city council may decide on an across-the-board 3 percent pay raise for officers.

If approved, this would mark the first time the officers will be working under a negotiated contract in almost a decade according to Kevin Smith,the President of the Flint Police Officer's Association.

The new contract was ratified on a vote of 62-to-4 on October 25th. If it's approved Monday night, it will be retroactive to July of 2017.

"I'd say it's beyond long overdue," said Smith by phone on Friday night. "There's no department in the nation that you can compare it to for crimes per capita...We're understaffed and overworked. It's refreshing for the Chief and the Mayor to work with us and get this done."

If the City Council approves the new contract, Smith says new Flint police officers will receive $17.26 an hour, and those starting their 6th year will earn $27.23 an hour. Right now officers are making about 80 cents an hour less than that.

In 2018, new officers would earn $17.78 an hour, while those entering their 6th year would earn just over $28.00 dollars an hour.

Smith says while it's not a great contract, it is a move in the right direction. He says if the city had more money, they would have received it.

In their initial negotiations, Smith says they had asked for a 6% pay raise.

We contacted 7 of the 9 city council members, four indicated they plan to approve the new contract while the other three, who are new to the council, said they want to read up on the contract before weighing in.

We also learned that Friday night Mayor Karen Weaver met with the new members of the council for about two hours in her office --the new council members we spoke with said they learned more about the options available to the city for a long term water source.

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