Flint residents eager to snatch up donation from Nestle Waters

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FLINT (WJRT) (12/3/2018) - The City of Flint will soon be receiving 1.8 million more water bottles from Nestle Water North America. The donation is expected to last through April 2019.

Three Help Centers have been open across the City since April, offering free bottled water to the community.

Monday, about three hours into the operation at Bethel United Methodist Church, the line was wrapped around the building.

But many residents left angry because the site had run out of water for the day.

"I came for some water, you know; and, this is 3rd time and every where I go, everywhere else, I can never get no water," Leonard Edwards said. "I can show up 5 minutes late, still no water."

Loretta King had the same experience. She explained, "This is the second time I've been up here. Last time I waited two hours and they didn't have any water."

Both residents said they might have to go buy their own cases of water, which they don't believe is fair.

So, they're looking forward to a new shipment from Nestle Waters North America.

The Mayor's Office said the 1.8 million water bottles are expected between now and April 2019.

The original donation of 3.2 million bottles from the company helped re-open the Help Centers across the City. It was expected to run out at the end this month.

The three Help Centers are open three days a week and provide more than just water.

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan supplies members of the community with canned goods and other fresh food.

Even though many were upset the water ran out Monday, they were told more should be available Tuesday.

Others are just thankful for the continued support from Nestle.

Michael Pearson said, "Grateful, one. And, two, there's still a lot of good people out there that has let me know that."

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