Flint residents encouraged to pre-enroll for Flint Registry this week

Published: Jul. 8, 2019 at 4:33 PM EDT
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(07/08/19) -- Getting connected. Monday is the beginning of a week long push to get people impacted by the Flint water emergency registered for the Flint Registry.

"The registry is absolutely something that's important. We think of it as a public health registry, it's not a research registry. It's all about identifying those that are impacted by the water crisis and getting them connected to resources," said Janee Rankin with the Greater Flint Health Coalition.

Resources like health care coverage, dental services and highly funded but under used programs like the lead safe home program. This week, the Greater Flint Health Coalition will be at various locations several times a day in Flint pushing for people to get out and register.

"The registry is important because it's affecting a lot of individuals and the only way to truly get the help that's needed is for there to be a need," said volunteer Kimberly Pemberton.

The Greater Flint Health Coalition says there certainly is a need, but many who have been impacted by the water emergency aren't aware there are resources out there that can help.

"A lot of people get confused about the eligibility criteria. That's why the registry is so important, because once we get folks information, we're screening for all of these services all at once," Rankin said.

The registry is open to those exposed to Flint water during the water crisis. That includes anyone that worked, lived, went to school or received daycare in the city.

"You may not think it's important today, but two or three generations down the road, you will feel the effects, so it's very important, it's just as important as voting, you must get on this registry," Pemberton said.

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