Flint school shows off new Montessori program

Published: Feb. 24, 2017 at 12:19 AM EST
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(02/23/17) - Parents got a chance to check out Flint Community Schools' new Montessori program Thursday.

An open house was held for students entering kindergarten and first grade at Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary.

The program is a unique way of teaching students that includes lots of hands on activities and demonstrations.

Even the classrooms are different.

Gone are the rows of desks and chairs, and teachers at the front of the room.

Teachers instruct by working in groups with students either at a table or on the floor.

"It would be easy to look at this class and say the kids are playing," said Elizabeth Jordan, a parent. "In Montessori you even call it work, so they're doing different work that build different skills. They're learning the same content that any other public school kid is going to learn but they're doing it in a more hands on full sensory sort of way."

The Montessori elementary class is free and the district plans on adding a grade each year.

Parents interested in the program should contact the Flint Community Schools.