Flint teachers concerned about August classes with no air conditioning

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FLINT (WJRT) (7/17/2019) - "If August is mild, it'll be very doable. If it's not mild, then we get to the question of do we hold school, do we not hold school?" said the United Teachers of Flint President Karen Christian.

She explained the teachers have already seen how a hot classroom affects a student's learning ability.

"The kids aren't gonna learn anything. You're gonna have a lot of kids just wanting to go to sleep in class, instead of paying attention and focusing," Christian added.

Since 2016, we've collected a number of photos from teachers of the extreme temperatures their classroom thermometers reveal. They range from 80 degrees to more than 100 degrees.

"A lot of our buildings - the temperature controls didn't work at all," Christian said. "So, you can go over to that temperature control nob and push it in any direction you want and it doesn't do anything."

She explained Derrick Lopez is the first superintendent actually working to fix the problem.

He said Neithercut Elementary will have air conditioning this school year.

A hired contractor is working on a control-nob fix for the other buildings.

"Others of them will have to wait for next year because we had a condensed summer. But our goal hopefully is next year, Lopez explained.

So Christian said, the teachers will continue to bring in their own fans and window A.C. units or move to cooler classrooms.

And, the agreement is ...

"If if there are extremely hot days, of course, we'll dismiss school," Lopez said. "If there are really challenges in every building, we'll deal with them on a case by case basis."

Michigan's Senator Jim Ananich also proposed to the Governor to allot $6.6-million in her budget for Flint Schools.

The plan is to use that money to get A.C. in every building.

We'll wait and see if it passes through.

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