Flint teachers receive $22,000 for classroom projects

FLINT (WJRT) (12/19/2017) - Teachers in Flint Community Schools received a total of $22,000 on Tuesday to support classroom projects across the district.

"Oh my gosh, $1,000 for my classroom, for my kids," said Eisenhower Elementary teacher Kimberly Roberts.

Jerome Winegarden Jr., president of Flint Classroom Support, said the group gives large and small grants to the the schools for teachers who seek funding to pay for special projects that enliven children's education.

Roberts said her students will see results from the grants every day.

"I've been teaching for 11 years, so I've seen the ups and the downs and the ins and the outs," she said. "I just wants my kids to feel so at home when they walk in the classroom and I think this will help them out."

Many of the teachers who were awarded a grant said the money sets their students up for success.

"The growth mindset of the children really develops a more positive attitude in learning and takes them to the next learning level," said Title I Intervention Teacher Debbie Rinaldo-Hopkins.

Over the past 35 years, the Flint Classroom Support fund has injected over $370,000 into Flint Community Schools classrooms.

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