Flint woman plans to open bartender school

Sheena Harrison is planning to start a bartending school in Flint soon.

FLINT (WJRT) (5/23/2019) - When Sheena Harrison lost her job in 2014, she had a passion for making drinks so she started a business.

"I've always been creative and just have a lot of people asking me to do different things for them and do different events and I thought why not," Harrison said.

Harrison's business is called Drinks of Essence. It's a company that creates fruit arrangements.

"We want to make our fruit trays with a little bit of character in them," she said.

Harrison is a mixologist and an instructor, creating beverages like smoothies, slushees, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

"It was kind of like a fun thing at first and of course after doing it, I learned about the seriousness of it," she said.

Harrison takes health standards seriously to better serve her clients

"We definitely want to make sure we're sanitary, we're making the drinks appropriately,not over pouring it, or over serving them," she said.

Harrison wants to share her skills with others. In just a few months, she will be opening a bartender school for people who want to pursue a career of bar-tending.

"Teach them from the beginning to the end and then be able to certify them," Harrison said.

Her pre-classes are scheduled for June.

"It's just a fun environment to come," Harrison said. "We teach you how to make a couple of drinks. We interact with each other."

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