Flint's Bishop Airport to receive $4.3 million grant

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(9/28/17) - The federal government is making sure Flint's Bishop International Airport is in good shape for years to come. It's not very glamorous but it is needed. One of the airports most used taxiways --Taxiway Charlie-- will be rehabilitated. $4.3 million seems like a lot of money for a taxiway but they have to handle a lot of weight.

"When you're out there rehabilitating something like that you're not just taking off the top layer like you are when you're doing a road. You're actually going quite deep," said Pat Corfman of the Bishop International Airport Authority.

U.S. senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow have announced that Bishop is receiving the grant from the FAA to improve the pavement on Taxiway Charlie, construct asphalt shoulders and install runway guard lights at each access point to the runway.

Senator Peters says Bishop Airport provides critical transportation services for residents and businesses around the Flint community. He says it's important to keep it up.

Senator Stabenow says safe and reliable air travel will help encourage businesses to invest in the region and create jobs.

And for those travelers thinking about where to go this winter to escape the cold and snow, more flights are being made available. Allegiant will soon be starting a new service. An advertisement says one way flights can cost as little as $29.

"We are totally excited. You know how Flint loves Florida. So, Punta Gorda, which is also considered Fort Meyers. Punta Gorda/Fort Meyers. It's going to be started by Allegiant on October 6 and the flights are going to run two times a week on Mondays and Fridays. It's booking up fast already. You know Allegiant's been doing wonderfully since they got here. They more than doubled in size in just over a year," Corfman said.

Bishop is also served by Southwest, Delta, United and American Airlines.

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