Flint's Common Citizen medical marijuana dispensary aims to erase stigma

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FLINT (WJRT) (6/11/2019) Common Citizen opened their doors Tuesday in an effort to help normalize cannabis consumption. It's located in the old Raincheck Lounge, what used to be a popular spot on Averill Avenue in Flint.

"Common Citizen is about selling freedom - freedom from dodgy dealers and crappy product, freedom from uncertain highs and nasty side effects and the freedom to access the drug safely, without the stereotypes and the stigma that comes with it.," Michigan Pure Med CEO Michael Elias said.

When you walk in their doors, you're handed a map and a book with an explanation of every type of cannabis they're selling and how it will affect you. A Citizen Advisor will walk you through it.

"We're going to take a very proactive approach to following up with the consumer long after they've left the store to really understand what's working and what isn't," Elias explained.

He took our crew on a tour Tuesday.

"The store is divided in need states. So each section represents a certain type of need," Elias said.

The states include daily dose, sweet relief, unplug, and time to shine.

"You know, the reason why we're in this space is to help that mother of two whose been diagnosed with MS manage her pain, to help that veteran whose been diagnosed with PTSD to get up every day and be able to function," he explained.

Right now, the manufacturing headquarters is taking up 1.2 million square feet in Marshall; and Elias said, they're currently building Good Manufacturing Practice into the design.

"Today there are no regulations that force operators like us to ensure that we have safe handling of product. And so, I truly believe the FDA is coming, I think Michigan has the opportunity to drive GMP standards at a regulatory level," Elias said.

Another step in keeping the patients first.

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