Flint's Hamady store nears completion, but still seeks employees

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Flint (WJRT) - A lot of people have been waiting for the return of a Flint business for the first time in nearly three decades. But just how much longer will they have to wait for the Hamady supermarket to open?

"The last fifteen months here has been fun, it's been a roller coaster ride,” said James McColgan Jr, owner of Hamady Complete Food Centers.

Well the ride is closer to ever to being complete, but Hamady still faces some obstacles after its opening has been delayed again.

But how close are they to finishing?

"We are finishing up the few minor things that the city says we have to finish, which is very true we do have to finish for your safety," said MColgan.

McColgan promises that they will be ready in five or six weeks and when asked if they’d be open in time for the Fourth of July, he responded, June 20th, at the latest.

Hamady closed the last of its stores back in 1991. And Flint's north side has been in dire need of a grocery store since Kroger closed their doors in 2014.

But the question remains. What has been delaying Hamady from opening?

"We can't get people who want to make money, who want to have benefits," said McColgan.

McColgan says the search for employees has been very disheartening.

"I've ran an ad for seven weeks for a produce manager and meat manager. We've had zero people reply."
Ads placed have promoted about 90 jobs, but only 15 people have applied so far, even though McColgan said full time positions come with benefits.

McColgan also said a former business partner slowed them down as well, but he parted ways and has assembled a “dream” team. He said there’s nothing that can stop them from moving forward, and said the city has been a helpful hand in the process.

"The city's been fantastic and the mayor has been fantastic. So any delays have not been them. It's them helping the community," said McColgan.

They are said to be able 95% of the way there, but really need about twenty more employees to be operational on day one.
Those interested in applying to work for Hamady can stop by and visit the store or apply on michiganworks.com.

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