'Flipping Flint' pushes forward with nonprofit organization, TV show

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FLINT (WJRT) - (07/12/19) - The house renovating initiative Flipping Flint has found success in Flint's College Cultural community and continues to push forward.

A 1940s era house on Montclair Avenue in Flint's College Cultural community needed some serious upgrades when ABC12 first checked it out last fall.

Top real estate agent Nykole Pfaff shared her vision for the remodel, and Friday we were able to see it for the first time.

"We're completely finished with this one at 1702 Montclair. We've picked up four more and we're trucking along," Pfaff said.

She is the mastermind behind Flipping Flint, which is now a nonprofit organization and helping people to afford high quality properties.

"We've officially created the non-profit so when negotiating the contract on one of our houses...if the buyer does indeed need help with closing costs, pre-paids, you know, meaning their first year of taxes, homeowners insurance, stuff like that," Pfaff said. "We do help them cover that."

Pfaff bought this house for $65,000, and it's already sold.

"We ended up selling it for $140,000. I mean, we put a chunk of change into it. It's got granite throughout - bathrooms, kitchen. It has a finished basement," Pfaff said. "It has completely redone hardwood floors that are gorgeous."

Pfaff says she only had to put a "for sale" sign up once for the dozen or so homes she's flipped in this area. Right now she says there's a waiting list for eager buyers, even though inventory is low. But she's working on four other properties, including this one on Kensington that's in the early stages of renovation.

And something else to keep an eye out for - a possible TV show.

"I actually just finished our pilot last week, exciting," Pfaff said.

After videotaping for a couple of months - she says a pilot is in the works. She's proud of Flipping Flint for challenging misconceptions about Flint's housing market.

To keep up with Pfaff's work - and Flipping Flint's progress - visit this link.

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