Flo Rida kicks off a big weekend in Mt. Pleasant

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MT. PLEASANT (WJRT) - (09/29/2016) - "I love performin' everywhere, you know, it's my passion," Flo Rida says during a break from the recording studio. "To actually be doin' something and receivin' all the love and hospitality from everywhere around the world, it's really second nature to me."
Flo will be sharing his passion Friday in Mt. Pleasant at Soaring Eagle Casino. And this will actually be Flo's second trip to Mid-Michigan this year, following a stop in Flint in February to deliver 8,000 bottles of water to Flint residents dealing with the water crisis.
"Hearing about that and seein' it on the news, I definitely felt some compassion about it and I just felt the need to just show love. And it was definitely a great and a humbling experience. But yeah I definitely felt like I had to go up there and be very supportive."
Flo is also doing his part to help local artists, in fact Friday's show will feature Lansing rapper Diamond Jones.
"Oh man I love it, after the performance I get the chance to speak to the artist and I love to hear their take on the performance. And I love to see the rawness of an artist prior to them havin' success."
Flo says a big part of his success came from having so many people help him out and getting so much experience during his years trying to get started in the business.
"Just with anything you do, the more you study somethin', the more experience you have, that helps to give you longevity. I recall before me hittin' the big stage, I'd done so many things, traveled so many places and got to experience to the point, now I don't have to get ready, I stay ready."

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