Flood map shows residents areas of potential concern this spring

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FLINT (2/20/2020) - High lake levels in Michigan mean erosion -- and the loss of prime beach front property.

But experts say this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This could mean an even BIGGER issue for homeowners and businesses this spring.

The lakes will thaw out quicker than usual -- since there's not as much ice to begin with.

Storms like the one back in January, pounded the Michigan shoreline, sending walls of water over sea walls, into homes and washing out roads.

Record high water levels leave nowhere for additional water to flow if we see additional heavy rain events this spring, combined with a strong northeast wind.

"This doesn't affect the shoreline. It's going to effect inland throughout the counties, Bay, Saginaw and to some extent Tuscola County," said Bay County Drain Commissioner Joseph Rivet.

A survey map shows what the impact would be to communities as far away as just east of Munger to James and Spaulding Townships in Saginaw County.

A northeast wind would send water up the Saginaw River, spilling into these low-lying areas.

"Our drains are functioning very well. but, even if they function at their absolute peak, it's still not going to have an...there's still going to be impacted by the fact that there's nothing to drain into," Rivet added.

Resident who live with a view of Saginaw Bay say they knew the risks when they moved in.

"I don't have no concerns about the high water. You know, there's nothing I can do about it. And I chose to live here and that's where I'm going to live," said long-time Bay City resident Charles Tolliver.

"I'm concerned about it, but you live out here, you got to expect it. But, the water has come up since I moved here in 2009," commented another Bay City shoreline resident Dan Fowler.

There's another concern.

Sewage systems could back up if the drain systems can't keep up with the additional storm water.

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