Flooding could be historic for parts of Mid-Michigan

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (5/18/2020) - Soaking rains continue to fall across much of the ABC12 viewing area on already saturated ground.

Some locations have picked up over four inches of water with more on the way Monday evening. Unfortunately, all this rain is on the heels of a previous storm system that also brought parts of the area wet weather.

The ground is saturated, rivers are rising, and more downpours mean higher flood waters.

As of Monday afternoon the National Weather Service has forecast some river crests that could rival some records.

The flooding of the Tittabawassee River in Midland is forecast to crest at 32.4 feet Tuesday into Wednesday. The catastrophic flooding in 2017 from thunderstorms crest at 32.15 feet, causing extensive damage.

Unfortunately, this paints a bleak picture for the coming days. The only flood with a crest higher than that forecast this week was the flooding during September 1986.

The water level along the Saginaw River in Saginaw is forecast by the National Weather Service to crest at 23.5 feet. That would be the highest crest on the river since 1986.

Further north, Arenac County has already been reporting roads washed out with evacuation orders for residents. The Rifle River is expected to crest at 13.5 feet. The most recent flooding in 2018 only crest at 12.96 feet.

Numerous other area streams and rivers will experience flooding with some in moderate to major flood stage. Many rivers will crest Tuesday into Wednesday and gradually recede by Memorial Day Weekend.

Please remember "Turn Around, Don't Drown." There is no way of knowing whether or not the road surface is in tact underneath the flood waters.

Deaths occur because cars become submerged. Moving water can easily move a car, even a truck. In fact, it only takes six inches of moving water to move a car, and 12 inches to move an SUV or pick-up.

According to the National Weather Service a forecast crest of 13.5 feet on the Rifle River will flood homes along Pinnacle Drive and Miller Road. In addition to those areas, Townline Road and Main will also experience flooding.

Campgrounds and canoe liveries will also be inundated.

According to the National Weather Service a forecast crest of 23.5 ft on the Saginaw River in Saginaw will flood some basements in downtown. It will also flood homes on Riverside Drive. Many nature areas will be inundated.

According to the National Weather Service a forecast crest of 32.4 feet in Midland will flood the following: Perrine Road, Gibson, Joanne, Valorie and Belmont streets flood. Haskin and Emerson park drive flood on the west end. West Sugnet Road floods at Snake Creek. Pfeiffer Court floods at the east end. Numri Drive floods at the south end. Sturgeon Creek Parkway and Sturgeon Road flood north of Saginaw Road. St. Mary's Drive and Marvo Court flood. Sugnet Road floods from east of Valley Drive to W Main Street. Valley drive, west Main Street and Tittabawassee drive at Northwood University floods. W Main Street floods from Main to Sugnet and at Dow High School. Homes in this area begin to flood. Numerous other areas will be inundated.