Flooding reported around Central Michigan University after heavy rains

MOUNT PLEASANT (WJRT) (10/2/2019) - Several areas near Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant were flooded Tuesday morning after heavy rains drenched the area.

This parking lot at Lexington Ridge Apartments in Mount Pleasant had about a foot of water after drenching rains.

At Lexington Ridge Apartments on Deerfield Road, the water was nearly a foot high. It covered roughly half of the height of vehicle tires.

One woman was afraid to move her car Tuesday morning because the water got up to her exhaust pipe.

Students at Lexington Ridge said the flooding was worse Monday night. Cell phone video shared by a student shows one person taking a swim in the floodwaters.

On campus, the overflow lot for football games was flooded, along with an area near the baseball field.

According to State Farm Insurance, don't start a vehicle if it gets partially or fully submerged in water. The water could enter the engine and cause more damage.