Flooding causes $1+ million damage to roads, ditches, culverts in Tuscola County

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (5/27/2019) - More than 48 hours after more than 4 inches of rain inundated parts of Mid-Michigan, there's still a lot of work to do on clean up and reopening roads.

The Tuscola County Road Commission has been on the job since Saturday, trying to get back to normal after heavy rains flooded parts of the community and washed away roads.

At the worst of it, the county had up to 25 roads closed but they've since cut that number in half. The focus on Monday was reopening Birch Run Road between Vassar and Belsay roads.

Crews hope to have the heavily traveled road re-opened early this afternoon. It won't be 100 percent fixed, but motorists will be able to drive over it.

The road commission is installing a new culvert with gravel on top. Paving will be done at a later date.

In the last couple of days the focus was on getting roads open where people were stuck. Some were washed away, others crumbled and some were briefly covered by water.

The quick heavy rainfall overwhelmed drains and ditches. The road commission has identified most of the roads that washed away, but anyone who finds one that doesn't have road closed signs yet should call 911 so they can get it blocked off.

The county's emergency manager says early estimates put damage to roads, culverts and ditches at more than $1 million.

Anyone with damage to a house or private property is asked to fill out this online survey.

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