Florists deal with pre-Valentine's Day rush

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OWOSSO (WJRT) - (02/13/19) - When it comes to buying the perfect floral arrangement, your neighborhood florist may be your best bet.

ABC12 had a behind the scenes look at what it's like the day before Valentine's Day at Sunnyside Florist where owner Patty Wing is gearing up for one of her busiest days of the year.

With hundreds of deliveries to make and flowers to arrange it is all hands on deck.

"We have a whole counter full of orders. We don't go home tonight until all of tomorrow is done. That's the only way we can keep up with tomorrow because we'll have a steady flow of people in here," Wing said.

The coolers are filled, so is the garage with a variety of colors - from roses to carnations and anything you can think of. Some orders are already being delivered today. On Valentine's Day there will be about 15 people working when there's normally 8 - that includes 3 extra delivery drivers.

Wing will be paying close attention to the weather.

"Weather can be a big factor for us. The storm, the snow has really concered us. Deliveries are tough," Wing said.

She says prices always go up on Valentine's Day because she has to pay more for the roses, but she tries to limit the price hike that's passed on to her loyal customers.

Actually we only raised our prices - they're only $10 more than on a daily basis. I could raise them more because they're about a $1 a piece more but it just is too expensive for people," Wing said.

Wing has a love for the business and hopes you'll consider your local florist for your special Valentine. She says the holiday is second to Mother's Day in terms of business.

"Back when my mom had a flower shop, she was a florist for 55 years, you didn't have all the Internet, all the wire services. The difference with I think florist to florist -- ordering directly from a florist, you know, we have a guarantee on those roses. We stand behind anything. If you expect them to last 3 weeks and you're unhappy with that then we make it right for you," Wing said.

For all of your last minute Valentine's Day needs, don't worry about the posted hours, Wing says she'll be in the shop all day and night for orders.

Sunnyside Florist is located on 123 E. Comstock.

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