Flu beginning to appear in Michigan

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Flint Township (WJRT) (12/4/17) We could be in for a bad flu season. The New England Journal of Medicine says early indications are the flu vaccine may not be very effective.

The article says reports from Australia have caused mounting concern the flu vaccine may only be effective ten percent of the time.

"That's a concern. That's lower than it has been in years past. We could have hoped for something higher," said Dr. Kathleen Kudray of McLaren Flint Community Medical Center.

The people who developed the vaccines take educated guesses as to what variety of the flu will be the most prominent. At this point, it appears to be there may be a mismatch.

"My recommendation is still if somebody is a high risk patient somebody who is elderly, somebody who is infirm, somebody whose immune system is not very good should still go ahead and get the flu shot. Some immunity is better than none.," said Dr. Kudray.

Wiping down surfaces that other people have touched with disinfecting wipes can offer some protection.

The next three months are usually the peak season in Michigan.

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