Flushing City Council unable to operate after 3 more members resigned

Published: Mar. 19, 2020 at 1:21 PM EDT
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(3/19/2020) - The Flushing City Council is at a standstill after three members resigned on Monday, leaving the body without enough members to operate.

The council has four vacancies after another member resigned in January. The Genesee County Board of Commissioners is meeting Friday to discuss how to move forward with appointing new members.

Mayor Joe Karlichek said council members Richard Bade, Patrick Scanlon and Lynn Black resigned Monday. Councilwoman Karianne Martus resigned in January.

Only Karlichek and council members Ed Sullivan and Brooke Good remain. The council needs at least four members to conduct business, including appointing new members.

Karlichek said the three council members who resigned Monday skipped the last council meeting and did not participate in planning for the city's response to coronavirus.

He said the lack of a functioning city council won't affect the day-to-day operation of critical services.

“Despite the fact of three resignations, city residents will experience no change to the excellent services received each and every day in the city of Flushing," Karlichek said.

Once county officials establish a process for filling the vacant council positions, the Flushing city clerk will seek applications from residents.

“City administrators and the current city council are committed to meeting the city’s official duties,” Karlichek said.

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