Flushing Community Schools goes green with new solar panels

FLUSHING (WJRT) (08/20/19) - Flushing Community Schools is hoping to reduce it's carbon footprint with solar energy this school year.

At age 10, Evie Popovits already knows what it means to be green. She is part of the STEM program, where she learns about solar energy.

"Basically, it's the solar panels are going to capture the sun's energy and transform it into energy to power everything," Popovits said.

Flushing schools have seven new solar panels that provide renewable energy for each of the district's buildings.

"We really made it a goal for us to be good global citizens and so it's just nice ti see it all come together for the Flushing school district," said Flushing Community Schools Superintendent Tim Stein.

The solar panels, which are owned and operated by Standard Solar, are expected to greatly decrease the amount of electricity the district uses. Under the partnership between Standard Solar and Flushing schools, the district will purchase its energy from Standard.

"So this array is 222 kilowatts, which is the maximum we can build under the current regulations. And so at this school, it's probably 50% of what they're consuming," said Standard Solar Director of Development Daryl Pilon.

Besides helping save the planet, the solar panels are expected to save the school district about $45,000 a year in energy costs and $900,000 over the course of the contract with Standard Solar.

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