Flushing Township says yes to renewable energy for residents

Published: Jul. 24, 2018 at 5:26 PM EDT
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(07/24/18)- Flushing Township says yes to renewable energy.

Last week, the township planning commission passed an ordinance to allow residents to install solar energy.

"We have had people applying for solar energy and there is a lot of energy in some energy companies leasing some farmland out here,"said Flushing Twp Supervisor, Frederick Thorsby.

Now, Flushing Township residents can join the Flushing Community School District by going green.

"Well, we didn't have any zoning ordinance that included solar panels. We had wind energy for wind turbines, but nothing that covered solar panels and I got a phone call from the Flushing school district and they were interested solar energy in the school building which they are doing now and they were asking us what our held and we didn't have one," Thorsby said.

Under the new ordinance, the solar panels can be attached to the roof or ground, and not cause drainage or excessive storm runoff to properties next door to them.

"I think some of the homeowners will be interested, it's expensive, it's not a cheap alternative to energy, Thorsby said.

The ordinance also applies to commercial buildings and solar companies as well.

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