Flushing man saves his father's life performing CPR

Published: Oct. 13, 2017 at 6:15 PM EDT
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(10/13/17) - It appears things just sort of fell into place on Saturday, Sept. 30.

Nick Serges's dad reluctantly went home early from a friend's to let the dogs out, which led to Nick picking him up to go to his nephew's football game. Had he not, Nick may not have been there when he collapsed afterward.

"There was no sign of him being sick or uncomfortable, nothing like that whatsoever," Serges said.

But, just minutes after they pulled out of Swartz Creek High School leaving his nephew's football fame, his dad went into cardiac arrest.

"The last thing he said to me was, 'Go straight here'. So I said OK. And then, in an instant, he started making this exaggerated gurgling sound," Serges said.

Serges immediately called 911 as his dad became unconscious in the seat next to him. He pulled over on Morrish Road, carried his dad out of the car and started performing CPR with help from a 911 dispatcher.

"I had thought my dad is dying -- that really crossed my mind," he said. "And, for whatever reason, I don't know if it's like your flight or fight response, but I just knew that I had to concentrate and I wasn't scared at the time."

Minutes later Serges said a woman pulled over and assisted him. Then, paramedics arrived. They explained his quick actions saved his father's life.

"That was sobering, I guess. It was almost hard to accept," Serges said. "You know, growing up, your dad's your dad and he's doing what he does for you. And then, just to think when you get a little bit older, you can maybe give that gift back to him. And, it really is a special, special feeling, I'll keep that with me always."

Serges said he's grateful he learned CPR in high school, but will be getting certified soon and he encourages everyone to do the same.

"Even if it's not the same positive outcome, at least you can take comfort in the fact that you've done everything you can do," Serges said.

His dad is expected to be out of the hospital next week. Serges said he's already told all of his doctors, nurses and visitors about his son's heroic actions.

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