Flushing officials hope to attract new businesses

FLUSHING (WJRT)- One mid-Michigan community is throwing out the welcome mat - hoping to attract new businesses to the area.

"We're seeing some potential growth with senior citizen houses coming. We are seeing restaurants coming back to the area and not chain restaurants, but mom and pop restaurants, which is always a great, kind of that American dream being able to lived out on Pierson. So we are going to keep seeing it," said Chamber of Commerce President, Jacob Smith.

Smith says despite recent closures near the city on West Pierson Road - it's still a community that's growing.

He also says while Flushing is an older populated community - there are still lots of growing families, and they want to attract a variety of businesses to the area.

"The more businesses we can attract that are just going to employ somewhere in that 10-20 person range, it's a great thing for the community. 10-20, again, its not much but its a start and hope those businesses with continued support from the community will grow and maybe down the line it means more jobs, You bring in 10 new businesses and that's a significant amount of jobs to bring into an area that's lost many in the past five years, " Smith said.

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