Flushing residents lose money to computer scammers, police warn

Flushing police are warning the public about an uptick in scam activity.
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FLUSHING (WJRT) (12/20/2019) - Flushing police are warning the public of an increase in computer scams this month after some residents have lost money.

Flushing Police Chief Mark Hoornstra said scammers are calling residents from a number that appears to be a reputable repair company saying the victim's computer is compromised.

Scammers contacted some victims with emails or pop up messages that appear to come from Microsoft or Apple.

Victims are instructed to call a number, where they are lured into purchasing money cards or gift cards and give the numbers to the scammer.

Some victims also were lured into providing access to their iCloud accounts, which exposed their bank account and personal information, Hoornstra said.

He warned residents to be cautious and do some research before following instructions from a call like these. Some people may need to bring their computer to a repair facility if scammers render it unusable.

Microsoft has information about the scam online.

Flushing residents with questions about scams or who want to report being targeted by potential scammers can call police at 810-659-3119.