Flushing road project gets drivers excited for the future of the roadway

FLINT and MT. MORRIS TWP, Mich. (WJRT) - It's kind of like a maze, trying to navigate around all the barrels on Flushing road, but despite that, residents say they're okay with it as long as something is done to the roadway.

"It wont be a teeth rattler now, it really was," says one woman who has been driving the roadway for years. "When we rode motorcycles, we did not ride this road."

Smoother surfaces are in the future for Flushing rd between Elms and Warner in Flint and Mt. Morris Townships.

"From 4 lanes to 2 lanes is an adjustment, but it is what it is, hopefully its better soon," says one driver.

For the time being though, drivers are still having to deal with bumpy surfaces as the 2 outside lanes in each direction are still open to traffic.

The 2 inside lanes are currently being resurfaced and are currently closed.

"I feel like I'm riding on the Memphis Bell going over Germany in Flak bouncing all over in my vehicle," says another driver.

The second phase of the project will start in late June, that's when they'll close down the outside lanes and reopen the 2 inside lanes.

"Just think of all the good years we will have, hopefully if it can stand up to Michigan winters," says a driver.

The project is set to wrap up towards the middle to end of July.