Flushing teacher sends video lesson to students on 11th snow day

Published: Feb. 12, 2019 at 5:52 PM EST
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(02/12/19) - Old Man Winter has created quite the dilemma for many educators across the state.

How to make sure students keep up with their lessons during these extra days off.

But a local teacher found a way around it.

In her 25 years as an educator, Flushing High school math teacher Karen Sleno can't recall ever missing this many days of school due to winter weather.

"Never, definitely never having a full week off like we did two weeks ago," she said.

Monday, with the possibility of an 11th snow day looming, the Flushing High School teacher began to worry about the impact of what another day off could mean for some of her students.

"My AP calculus students, I worried a bit more about them because their AP exam is in May and that date is not changing no matter how many snow days we have, so yesterday I told them if we have another one, expect something as a remind text tomorrow," Sleno said.

Her students received a video classroom lesson Tuesday.

"So what students see is a white board and they hear me talking and I write on it and do problems and discuss, and it's strange because I want to ask them questions and I can't do that, so I have to answer my own as I go," Sleno said

She said, surprisingly, the students were on board with the at-home lesson.

"They were actually excited. Some said we can sit in our pajamas and learn, and I said yes you can, so they were excited about that," Sleno said.

She is grateful for today's technology that allows her to keep her students on track.

"It's amazing. I mean 25 years ago, there's no way you could have done something like this, but remind texts and with the apps, you can very easily send learning out to students that is appropriate, so it worked in this case, definitely," Sleno said.

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