Flushing teen to perform at Carnegie Hall

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Flushing Township (WJRT) (1/5/17) A Flushing Township teenager is going to receive a tremendous honor. She's been invited to sing in a choir in New York City's Carnegie Hall next month.

CarolAnn Lessnau has been singing all her life but it's just been the past few years she's taken it seriously. Her voice coach encouraged her to apply to a singing competition.

"We had to send in a huge application that talked about how long I've been studying music. And then I had to submit an Italian song," said CarolAnn.

Recently a letter arrived in the mail saying CarolAnn was selected from among 18,000 applications.

"I was very shocked. I didn't even think I was going to get in," said CarolAnn.

"When she got the acceptance letter everybody was really surprised. I was very proud. That's when it hit me she's better than I thought she was," said John Lessnau.

CarolAnn is 16 and a sophomore at Flushing High School. When she's at Carnegie Hall she'll be singing in a 700-member all-women choir.

"I really appreciate my family doing this. It's going to be a huge experience and I'm very excited," said CarolAnn.

She and the choir will be singing six numbers while on stage.

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