Flying public weighs in on impact of TSA workers not getting paid

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FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) - (01/11/2019) - When the clocks strikes midnight, the government shutdown will become the longest in U.S. history.

It will reach 22 days on Saturday, surpassing the length of the shutdown from December 1995 to January 1996 during the Clinton administration.

Federal employees received pay stubs with nothing but zeros on them Friday.

Among those impacted by the shutdown, are TSA workers across the country.

The Miami airport is closing a terminal this weekend because security screeners have been calling in sick at twice the normal rate.

We talked with passengers at Flint Bishop International Airport arriving on flights out of Chicago to see how the shutdown is impacting their flying experience.

"When she checked me in I'm like 'thank you for showing up today'", said Kathleen O'Rourke.

The frequent traveler said while the lines were not any longer, she does have some concerns about what the future may hold.

"I have to fly next week," she remarked, "what if nobody's there?"

TSA employees attending a round table with newly elected Congressman Andy Levin at Detroit Metro Airport talked about how the shutdown is affecting them.

Some say they can't pay their bills, their mortgage, or make car payments.

Jennifer Dziendziel and her husband are both TSA Agents.

"Neither one of us is getting paid," she said," I don't know how both of us are going to get to work, let alone one of us."

The workers said several TSA Agents have quit. But they cannot collect unemployment.

Passengers at Bishop International Airport we spoke on Friday said they don't blame TSA agents for not showing up.

"I cannot sit in judgement of anybody's choices," said Tiffani Isham who is flying to Tampa, "They could do Uber, whatever they may be doing, gotta feed your babies."