Foggy van windows lead man to suspected Ortonville shooter

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ORTONVILLE (WJRT) - (11/15/2017) - A quick thinking neighbor found the man wanted by police for more than 20 hours hiding under a blanket inside his van.

Michael Quigley, 35, was at the Oakland County Jail on Wednesday night being interviewed by detectives after a tense manhunt that began with a double shooting in the Village Court Apartments complex.

The tense manhunt, now over, all began Tuesday night after police say he walked into an Ortonville apartment and shot his estranged wife and her boyfriend. That scene was on Village Court, just east of the small downtown area.

Quigley was arrested just before 5:30 p.m. Wednesday after he was found hiding in that van on Rattlesnake Lane near Brandon High School.

Scott, who did not want to use his last name, had no idea Quigley was hiding out on his property until he noticed something odd with a minivan he was storing.

"The fog in the window," he said, "because the vehicles been stored for a couple of weeks now."

This Ortonville resident knew right away something was off. When he opened the door to his van, he found the man police were searching for inside.

"Told him it was over and that he should get out of the vehicle, and he was completely compliant," Scott said.

We asked him how he felt as he came face-to-face with the man police were looking for:

"When I pulled him out, pure adrenaline, and not in a good way," Scott said. "I was very nervous."

Scott drew a gun on Quigley the entire time, a first for him.

"We made eye contact and he kind of said, 'OK, I gotcha' and then he was compliant from there," he said.

Scott said he got Quigley on the ground, called 911 and within minutes the Oakland County Sheriff's Department SWAT Team came out of the woods.

Scott said Quigley looked tired and disheveled after the nearly 24-hour ordeal.

As for Scott and his wife, whose 15th wedding anniversary was Wednesday, catching an attempted murder suspect wasn't the way they had planned on celebrating.

"I'm dirty, I'm tired," Scott said. "I would like to have pizza and I would like to sleep."

Quigley has been taken to the Oakland County Jail. He was expected to be charged with two counts of attempted murder.

Quigley's estranged wife and her male companion were recovering in an area hospital after undergoing emergency surgery. The woman was shot in the back of her head while the male was shot in his eye.

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