Former Flint police sergeant talks gun safety with children

FLINT (WJRT) (07/17/19) - School is out for the summer, but a former Flint police sergeant hopes to educate young people on the dangers of guns and gun violence.

Retired Sgt. Henry Younger's message came on the National Day of Social Action.

"We had a an incident where a 6-year-old kid shot and killed another 6-yearold, and that should never happen," he said.

That tragedy was one of the low points in Younger's 34-year career in law enforcement. He wants to help make sure that never happens again by teaching children to think before picking up that gun.

"If you see a gun stay away, don't touch. Run and tell a grown up," Younger said.

He shared that message with about 80 children at the New Evolution Educational Center Freedom School on Wednesday.

"We want our children to know that they have the freedom to express themselves. What I find as an educator, children feel stifled. And we are always telling them to sit down, be quiet, but Freedom school is about tuning into that freedom that they have and let them express who they are in the way that the way that they express who they are," said Freedom School Executive Director Jacquinne Reynolds.

Becky Salter brought her 8-year-old daughter to the event, which included a march in downtown Flint to rally against gun violence.

"I think that we need more people willing standing up for not just our community, but their community overall, no matter where you live. And I really hope that my daughter learns that lesson. So I'm grateful that she's here and she go to experience this today," she said.