Former Flint police chief: Ex-mayor Weaver worried about her office being bugged

Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 5:43 PM EST
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(11/20/2019) - Multiple questions remain as Flint police investigate an electronic device found inside City Hall.

Police Chief Phil Hart said they're no longer calling it an "electronic surveillance device," as they did on Tuesday night. He said police still are investigating whether the device had the capability to record audio or video.

Hart added it was found toward the end of last week, but couldn't comment on who found it or where exactly it was in the office. Size wise, he said the device is small enough to fit in a drawer.

Flint police are still working to determine how long the device was there.

Mayor Sheldon Neeley isn't commenting at this time, explaining he's letting Flint police handle the investigation.

Former Mayor Karen Weaver couldn't comment because she's out of town. Candice Mushatt, the former public information officer for Weaver, said because she's no longer working with the city, she doesn't have any information.

Former Flint Police Chief Timothy Johnson believed the device could've been in City Hall when Weaver was in office. He said she was concerned when she moved into City Hall that it had been bugged with recording devices.

So Johnson said they checked her office, even removing ceiling tiles. But, he explained, Weaver's was the only office they checked.

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