Frankenmuth crossing guard hit by truck, driver leaves

FRANKENMUTH (WJRT) - (11/7/2018) - UPDATE: A man in his 60s turned himself in to police on Wednesday morning.

Police were still wrapping up their reports, which will go to the Saginaw County Prosecutors Office to decide whether criminal charges will be filed.

(11/06/18) - Frankenmuth Police are searching for the driver of a dark colored truck who hit a school crossing guard Tuesday morning.

The incident happened on East Genesee Street near Park Drive, in front of List Elementary School. The veteran crossing guard was in the crosswalk, according to police.

"I'm sure she's very shaken up, I would be," said Lt. Lisa Hill with the Frankenmuth Police Department.

Hill, who trains the city's crossing guards, said the guard was allowing westbound traffic to move, but had the eastbound lane stopped.

A man, described to be in his 60's, ignored the crossing guard and kept moving.

"It brushed her as they were going by," Hill said.

Thankfully, the crossing guard was not hurt.

The man was headed east toward Vassar. Witnesses said the truck was dark in color, possibly black, dark green or gray. They also believe it was a Chevrolet or Ford.

Hill said witnesses got this information too.

"Partial plate is 622, those are the first three numbers. And on the back window there is white writing, all the way across the back window," she said.

This situation could have a very different outcome.

The crossing guard is there to make getting to school safer for the kids who cross each morning and afternoon.

"Their goal is to get to school, talk to their friends. They're not thinking about traffic. When there is a crossing guard there they know that that crossing guard is going to get them across," Hill said.

Lt. Hill added the rules of the road are simple at school crosswalks. "No traffic should be going unless she directs the traffic."

At the crosswalk where the guard was swiped there are several signs, some with flashing lights. In addition the crossing guards are well equipped too.

"They have bright flashing stop signs, they have their bright wands, and they wear yellow vests which is reflective," Hill said. So it's not like they can't be seen."

Anyone with information about that truck involved is asked to call the Frankenmuth Police Department at 989-652-8371.

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