Genesee Intermediate School District employee wrongly attacked on social media

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FLINT (WJRT) (12/7/2017) - The Genesee Intermediate School District said employee Kathy Rae Szuch was flooded with hurtful messages on social media accusing her of writing a racist email to a news anchor in Atlanta, Ga.

But, the district said their bus driver didn't write the email and they're trying to clear her name.

Szuch has a similar name to the name connected with the email. But, the school district investigated and said it's not her.

"We understood that people were concerned, people were outraged and we share that outrage," said Associate Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff. "But what we want to be clear about is that outrage shouldn't be attached to our employee. Our employee didn't send this email. They don't own the account that the email was sent from and it's just a misidentification over social media."

The email was sent to Atlanta, Ga. news anchor Sharon Reed. In it, the writer says Reed should be fired for comments she made on the air on Tuesday night.

The person uses racial slurs and tells Reed she is "what's wrong with the world."

Reed shared the email, which prompted several people to try to find out who wrote it. The email includes the school district employee's first two names. So, she became a target.

Tunnicliff said Szuch received several hurtful messages and so did the District. But again, he said their investigation shows the employee has zero connection to the email.

"We're disappointed that somehow via through social media, people tried to make an immediate connection. And, in doing so, an innocent person is being negatively impacted by it," Tunnicliff said. "And, as an organization we want to make sure that we, you know, make sure that we would never defend something like that; but, at the same time, we want to step up for someone who is being wrongly accused, as well."

He said this has been a very difficult time for Szuch. He did not comment further on how she's holding up through the situation.

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