GISD to offer two year aviation program to students

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT)- (04/16/19)- The Genesee Intermediate School District is branching out into uncharted territory in Mid Michigan with a new program in aviation that will soon be an option for students in Genesee County.


"It's obviously an emerging area, so its certainly people focus on the pilot aspect of it, but it's really a program around aviation." said Genesee Intermediate Associate Superintendent, Steven Tunnicliff, Ph.D.

GISD Associate Superintendent Steven Tunnicliff says the two year program will offer hands on experience for students, including time in the cockpit.

"So in the first year, students would develop and understanding of the aviation industry and the jobs and careers in that industry. It would include five hours flight. But it would prepare them for the pilot certification exam. And if students choose to take the second year of the program, they would continue on, building on that knowledge, but also take certification program in a emerging technology and that is that is the drone certification, " Tunnicliff said.

The program is a partnership that includes Bishop International Airport.

"Well it's really just a combination of things. One is there is big need for it. Not only locally, but nationally there's a need for pilots, and so discussions with people with the airport, greater Flint pilots association, GISD to really say how can we address this and how can give opportunities for the kids in our area to help fill these needs," said Bishop International Airport Director, Craig Williams.

Tunnicliff says the response to the new program has already been tremendous.

"There's a lot of excitement and it just continues to grow over the last few weeks. We already have 17 students signed up for the program,"
Tunnicliff said.

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