GM partners with Amazon to offer vehicle owners in-car delivery service

Published: Apr. 24, 2018 at 11:26 PM EDT
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(04/24/2018) - Amazon is at it again. Tuesday the company launched its new Amazon Key in-car delivery service.

This was also a big announcement for GM.

Owners of eligible Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles with an active OnStar account will be able to have Amazon packages delivered inside their vehicle using Amazon Key.

The 37-city launch includes Detroit with more cities to follow.

For those with eligible vehicles in participating cities, Amazon Prime members can select the "in car" shipping option when placing an order on Amazon.

"You'll have the ability to have it delivered directly to your car," said Joel Soper with Randy Wise Buick GMC ,"OnStar will unlock the vehicle remotely when the delivery driver get there. The delivery driver can place the package in the vehicle."

The driver must swipe their delivery app to lock the trunk before moving onto their next stop.

Some of the technology buffs we talked with Tuesday night were excited to hear about Amazon's newest venture, after the drones, and in-home delivery service:

"I absolutely love the ideas of having new innovative things like that for sure, kind a beats the drone idea for sure is what I thought," said Michael Thibodeau.

"That's just Amazon taking another step further, I mean Amazon's Amazon," said Lezlie Kenny.

Others worry about potential security risks.

"I have locks on my door for a reason," said Bob Munerance of Grand Blanc, "I would not want a stranger coming in, who's going to vette these people?"

"As a female it makes me nervous from a security point of view that a company has that ability to intrude in my life in that way," said Elisa Cantwil of Flushing.

The technology will also be available to owners of newer model Volvos.

Right now the only city in Michigan offering the service is Detroit, but more cities will follow.

The dealership we spoke with in Fenton said they think there will a demand for it.